Building biology is the evaluation and control of health hazards in the built environment. This involves assessing the home for allergens, toxicants, electromagnetic fields and biotoxins unique to a water-damaged building and providing strategies to address exposure and/or source control and abatement.” (Bijlsma, 2018a). 

Our environment, and in particular, our home, that we live in can be a constant source of pollutants that can affect our health in adverse ways. A building biologist is a specialist that looks at the environment in which you live in and does a variety of assessments, measurements and investigations to determine if there are environmental sources that can potentially cause adverse health reactions.  These assessments focus on air quality, water, mould/fungi, electromagnetic sources (EMF), building materials and geopathic stresses. 

If you wish to get a small understanding of what a Building Biologist does, then it’s as easy is downloading an app (Healthy Home – Youth) for iOS/iPhone.

Using a government certified Building Biologist is highly recommended through the AustralAsian Society of Building Biologists (ASBB) as they are trained through a registered training organisation (RTO).

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